Flexible, no-interest financing!

FarmFi offers no-interest financing to land stewards, leveraging a curated investor community.

Increase your cash flows, quickly.

FarmFi financing is designed for land stewards who are seeking flexibility for their business.

Reduce your debt.

Use your FarmFi capital to help pay down your bank note.

Expand operations.

Buy land or build infrastructure to expand your business.

Keep your land.

Use your money to keep your land and buy out partners.

See how much money you could receive from FarmFi.

Try our FarmFi calculator by putting in your revenue and a couple more options.

FarmFi Calculator

Input your average annual revenue.

Please input your average annual revenue for the last 3 years.


Select revenue share percentage.

Please select the percent of revenue you want to give FarmFi each year.

Select the number of years you will payback.

Please select the period which FarmFi will take a percentage of revenue.

Based on your inputs, we can give you...


in estimated upfront cash.

Disclosure: This calculator is meant for educational purposes only. It calculates estimated financing solely based on the information you provide. The estimated financing generated from the calculator does not constitute an offer from FarmFi.

Our process.

FarmFi tries to make the process as simple as possible. No months of back and forth. Apply online today and find out if you qualify.

Apply online.

Use FarmFi's digital onboarding to upload your financial documents for our team to review.

Get a decision.

The FarmFi team reviews your historical financial information and proposal. Based on this information we will tell you if we can finance.

Receive your cash.

If we can finance, we will send your money directly to your bank.

Interested? Contact us.

Fill out the form below or call our team at (970) 632-7765.


What will you use your investment for?

Investment Reasons

I want to be able to buy out my existing partners.

I want to buy land that I can operate my business on.

I want to create a new business or enterprise on owned or leased land.

I want to be able to expand my current business.

I want to be able to pay down some of my existing debt.

I have other reasons for needing capital.


Below are some of our most frequently asked questions.

1. What type of business do I have to be to get FarmFi financing?

We love to work with all types of regenerative businesses, but we are focused on farmers and ranchers in Colorado, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Kansas, South Dakota, North Dakota, Texas, Wyoming.

2. Do I owe interest on the money I take from FarmFi?

No, FarmFi only participates in the revenue you make. If you do well, so do we and if you're having a tough year we will be right there with you.

3. What do I need to apply?

At minimum we ask for three years of historical financials, a short description of your business plan, and three business references.

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